So, I’m obsessed with positive affirmations like mantras, mottos, scriptures and quotes. In fact, I keep a notebook of fortunes from fortune cookies, scripture notes, and life quotes that I always reflect back on. I think I’m drawn to affirmations because not only do they help forward your positive thinking, but I think I’m always searching for encouragement or some type of sign or confirmation regarding the choices I make or when I’m in a place of uncertainty. After having my own little collection of encouragement I started to create my own personal affirmations. The idea came from an article I read from Psychology Today on the “9 Reasons You Need a Personal Motto.”

What started out as personal motto turned into some sort of reflective mental exercise. And one of my favorites that I created were what I called a Motto Equation Exercise, where I created affirmations in the form of an equation!  Each equation was based on the different objectives I was seeking as a part of what I consider my Life Itinerary Journey. And the first ever equation I created was “The Self Discovery Formula.”  Self-discovery is a never-ending concept in the circle of life. Not to go all Lion King on you (even though it’s a classic that I love!), but it serves as a huge part of life’s continuous cycle because it relates directly to the only constant in life…change. There are different things about ourselves that evolve. Whether it is our interest, likes, dislikes, or actual personality traits. I know there are aspects about myself that have changed as short as a year ago, and that’s due to my experiences so far. Or maybe the fact that when I turned twenty-five (last year) I had a bit of a quarter life crisis but I’ll save that story for another time. The point is you can choose to actively or inactively take part in the journey of self-discovery, either way, it will still happen. However, when we actively choose, we are consciously deciding to embrace change and not solely letting our circumstance control or decide that change.

Embrace Change

If you’re anything like me, I have a love/hate outlook on change! I can become very set in my ways, so having a plan our routine is my friend, even though I know change is inevitable. The idea of spontaneity and going with the flow can sometimes drive me absolutely nuts. There are many reasons why we resist the idea of change. But what I have learned is that it is in those exact moments of welcoming change where we make some of the greatest discoveries about who we are and what we’re capable of. Whenever I chose to go with the flow or use my instincts it allowed me to become confident in my ability. You can’t fight change, so just embrace it.

Commit to Journey

If the road to self-discovery begins with embracing change, then the next logical step is to commit to that change. Adapting a custom progressive lifestyle or routine (i.e. Life Itinerary) keeps you on track with your commitment. Now I’m gonna be real I struggle with committing to change, but it is necessary. Committing requires you to continue allowing that change in your life, regardless of the outcome. For me it’s not easy, it’s a process but I feel like I’m getting better. Although I gained confidence in myself when embracing change there were situations where it did the exact opposite. And like many of us pursuing our dreams, it left me questioning if I’m good enough or have what it takes. It is in those exact moments of failure where I believe our character grows. It guarantees an awareness of self, which ultimately allows you to constantly self-reflect. And self-reflection is defined as “acquiring insight into one’s character.” Our failures are what we benefit from most because they permit you room to evolve and overcome, which ultimately leads you towards a much sweeter victory.

Overcome the Biggest Obstacle Holding You Back

Often times the biggest obstacle we face is the root of our resistance, to embrace change. For instance, my apprehension to spontaneity stems from deep-seeded roots of anxiety. Anxiety sometimes comes across as taboo, but it is something that many including myself struggle with. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I actually realized that Anxiety was what I was struggling with. But Anxiety has such a broad spectrum, and since it acts as the root of many things in my hermit bubble comfort zone that are a hindrance…it is the biggest obstacle I face. When determining your biggest obstacle through self-reflection you must then embark on the steps to overcome. It’s the most grueling, time-consuming, and daunting process of self-discovery. But you have to remind yourself, is this obstacle greater than my happiness? Dreams? Potential success?

Follow Your True Passion

I trust in the fact that your true passion or desire is the thing that helps define who you are. The thing you see yourself doing all the days of your life. For me, any form of storytelling through expression I connect with immediately. And I know it’s a part of my life’s purpose. I want to tell stories in whatever way I can that people can connect with and be inspired. It’s also ok to be unsure of what your passion is. It took me a long time to link all the things I like into storytelling. Your passion at the moment could be figuring out what your aspiration is. Check out this “Passion 101” article by Live in the Gray. Regardless, you need to follow that dream or goal. Always remember your true passion, desire, or purpose is greater than the thing that holds you back!


Here’s my personal Self Discovery Formula:

Embracing spontaneity means committing to my “Life Itinerary Journey” of self reflection, separating me from my biggest obstacle of anxiety. My true passion of storytelling is greater than the obstacle I face!


So what are you waiting for? Answer the questions, fill in the blanks, and customize your SELF DISCOVERY FORMULA! Share and comment below with your equation!

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