It’s Time for a Fresh Start

Dear 2016,

You definitely weren’t the best. If anything you were interesting, and that is not necessarily a good thing. You were a little suspect from the start being a leap year and all. That should have been a sign that it was a different kind of year. I’m aware no year was perfect, but you were a true test of character. The end of our negative relationship has begun and I just want to say good riddance, on to the next one!



Ok, so the time has come. It’s the new year and you’re ready to set the tone. Or, something big has happened and it’s time for a change. You may even just be tired of being stagnant. But, sometimes you need to press a do-over button. If only life actually worked that way, A LOT of problems would be solved. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works! And you can’t live with regrets or dwell on the past. What you can do, however, is create a fresh start! The Fresh Start Challenge offers you a starting point in your Life Itinerary Journey. It’s similar to the idea of a New Year Resolution but it provides a loose outline or guide in regrouping certain areas of your life that could use a clean slate.

For instance, housekeeping would not only involve you cleaning your space from top to bottom; but de-cluttering and re-organizing your space to give you a fresh start! So give or sell those clothes you haven’t worn in over a year or the extra junk laying around the house. Organize your space to make it more efficient. This isn’t your typical New Years Resolution this challenge is something you can do when you find yourself needing to re-group your life. You may even be inspired to personalize your checklist by adding an item or two that solely relate to you.



Did you know only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year Resolution. It’s crazy to think about such a small percentage being successful, but I actually can understand why. For some the idea of a new years resolution is taboo. Resolutions typically fail because they’re not in touch with what you really want to do for the year and are more about what you think you should do. That alone can cause a lack of motivation. You’re more focused on what’s expected of you than what you actually need or what’s best. You need something more fundamentally meaningful to you, in order to effectively accomplish something.

I believe one of the best things about a fresh start is that it serves a launching pad for a lifestyle choice.  It’s not just about setting goals. It’s more so about evaluating your life and developing goals based on your situation. For example, the fresh start point of re-evaluating your finances, helps you set up a sensible and flexible budget. In which you can then make goals related to your financial situation. Or the point of applying healthy diet needs and unhealthy sacrifice. You could start simply by drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. Then sacrifice some sweets and junk food only treating yourself now and then. Then a couple of weeks later add another healthy trait and sacrifice something else that is unhealthy. This could begin changing your eating habits to a healthier diet.

Think about the process it takes to build a home. In order to get to that brand new and sturdy shelter to live in comfortably, you have to start at the bare foundation, and build on that!

Dear 2017,

I’m starting over on a positive, productive, and hopeful note. I’ll do my part and make the most of it. Please be good to me…don’t let me down.



  • Don’t Do it Alone: Partner up with a few friends or make it a family affair. This way you can give each other accountability and support.
  • Don’t be Overly Ambitious: Be realistic make sure to consider time management, finances, and other resources. Pace yourself for the most successful outcomes.
  • Commit to a Plan: Be honest with yourself and your capabilities. Have the right perspective in how you choose to go ahead and carry out your checklist.
  • Don’t Give Up: Be patient, yet efficient; make the time to complete your checklist. If for whatever reason you’re unable to complete a task, wait until you are able to complete it. Or come up with a similar option.
  • Believe in Yourself: Part of committing is believing that you can do it. Honestly, that’s half the battle. You should be looking at this with optimism or as a launching pad for new outlook on your life. Don’t talk yourself out of it with negativity or feeling overwhelmed. Take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy the process.

So what are you waiting for? Click and download the checklist to begin your fresh start!

Click Here to Download the Fresh Start Checklist!

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