There are certain components that are key in developing a routine and overall lifestyle. You want to hustle to achieve what you desire, but at the same time “adulting” tends to suck, and the main example of this is all the fun responsibilities we need to fulfill (note the sarcasm). On top of that, you attempt to be healthy and feel good about yourself, but convenience can become a major roadblock. And let’s not forget the often neglected needed “me time” to just have some fun and relax. So how do you make it work and REALISTICALLY accomplish all of that? You prioritize the different aspects of the following components catered to help in creating your own Life Itinerary!

Task Management pertains to productivity. It’s your calendar, day to day responsibilities, various appointments or plans. As well the resources to make accomplishing certain tasks easier.task-management

career-pathVocation allows you to customize a strategy for accomplishing all things related to your passion, goals, dreams, or purpose. Ranging from school, education, and trades; to career development and the career process. 

Spiritual balance is preservation of the mind & encouraging of the spirit. It delves into the factors of faith, self care, stress relief, therapy, and relaxation… it’s food for the soul!balance-center

Healthy relationships whether personal or professional are vital. Knowing how to handle and nurture those relationships helps reduce stress, build confidence, and maintains progressive contentment.

financesAll things finances include personal budgeting, savings, expense payment plans and self investment to reach your financial goals or maintain finance objectives.

You are what you eat, but don’t deprive yourself! A balance of diet and nutrition is an important factor towards a healthy food lifestyle. On top of that, Healthcare & Fitness must be prioritized as well.

Keeping up with your living and personal space can help in being sufficient. It also helps to keep track of your responsibilities, whether it be cleaning, organizing, or maintenance upkeep.

Feeling good about yourself and the way you look is the main ingredient of confidence. Your overall style is an expression of your own uniqueness. And a special element of your life to nurture.

With all this planning and prioritizing you can’t forget to give yourself a break, and take some me time to have fun. What’s your favorite hobbies or pastimes? Make time to live a little!