I remember the exact moment I took this photo. It was four years ago, on a back road in my grandmother’s small town. For some reason I couldn’t escape the sight. The view really spoke to me. I took out my camera and after searching for the best angle I finally found it, I had to lay completely flat on the ground. As I looked through the lens of my camera I remember feeling the emotional depth of the photo. The scene reminded me of hope, potential, promise, opportunity, chance…possibilities. My life during this moment was so different from my life now. I was fighting through depression and dealing with a lot of my own personal demons at that time.

Now, it all seems so symbolic. The fact that I had to lay down on the ground is a metaphor of being at your lowest point. In coming out of my dark place this inspired me to look forward. The black and white photo represents not having complete clarity. And even though there is a level of uncertainty you still cling to the hope that you’re looking forward to. It made me feel as though it would get better. Like I have something so much better than where I am now ahead of me. I had my heart to heart prayer with God right then and there laying down in the middle of the street trying to get the best shot before a car comes and runs me over. I snapped the shot to a photograph that would give me a new outlook. It is still a picture I continue to look back on till this day, and I just had to share it as my mood inspiration.

In our lowest points we have the option to persevere. I took this photo before I moved out of state away from everything and everyone I know completely alone to attend film school. It was before I actually experienced living on my own and having my own place. It was before I decided to try and pursue LA. It was before I came back home to regroup and re-establish what I want out of my career. Which led me to another state of uncertainty and unhappiness more so related to my career path.

Now I sit and look at this photo coming out of another dark place in my life. Reflecting in this moment jumpstarted a positive change in my life. So I know that another positive change will be happening again for me, because I choose to believe in the endless possibility. It’s the road traveled that seems to never end because there is always something to keep striving for. Don’t waste time looking back on what you could have done differently or choices you should have made. Always look forward to the possibilities.

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