Any Takers?

Raise your hand if you can relate to at least one if not all of the things mentioned in this checklist. 

I want to help you discover, prioritize, take action, and express the components of your life…aka  GET YOUR LIFE!

We’re gonna focus on a journey to self-discovery while taking control and action on different if not all of the aspects of our lives.

So...What is a Life Itinerary?

A Life Itinerary is basically developing a personal system or agenda for yourself in order to live the healthiest, happiest, and productive life you desire.

If you need a NEW GAME PLAN or approach to getting your life together…here it go! Need help managing task, developing routines or schedules, creating budgets, and ways to organize your life components…I got you! Want to simply and conveniently be your own spa, nutritionist, or trainer….we’re figuring it out how to do it ourselves! Do you like discussing ways to navigate your relationships and have a little fun…let’s talk. How about defining ways to express yourself through your career, vocation, beauty, or spirituality…ok, no problem!

Here, we’re gonna address reasons you may be stuck and help you fight through them. The Life Itinerary is your remedy for avoiding bad habits that could allow you to become unhealthy, unproductive, and depressed! 

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“To get an idea of what I’m talking about or where to start, check out the What’s Your Limbo Series and also the Life Components that are vital in developing your Life Itinerary.”

No, I am not an all knowing Guru...

Well, maybe a little in my mind, but I still know better. I am someone who is like you, trying to figure it all out. What started out as seeking ways to be more efficient or find encouragement turned into an overwhelming character testing, self-reflective, and personal growth process, which by the way I’m still on.

So why not share the things I’ve discovered and grown accustomed to in the search to BALANCE THE COMPONENTS of my life. I gotta get mine and you gotta get yours so why not get it together (that was SO bad and I know I should delete it…but I’m not. If there’s an opportunity to quote Pac I will take it every time).

“My life motto or overall outlook on life is to be a sponge and soak up all I can…learning is a never ending process in becoming the best version of myself.”

– Charlee Sage

I'm a twenty-six year old...

…slightly type A, Food Obsessed, List Enthusiast who is a respectfully blunt introverted extrovert. My bedroom is my safe haven where I dabble in just about every creative writing form. So I consider myself a storyteller through the idea of expression and creative direction. I’m a filmmaker with a Bachelor’s in Film due to my passion for visual storytelling. And as a solopreneur, I’ve recently received my Master’s in Entertainment Business and aspire to own my own media company.

While I travel the path towards my dreams, I remain Faith-full which is the standard for my life (and sanity). It’s what gets me through without question (and yes, that was a lot of words, so clearly, I can’t follow through on the the whole describe yourself in a few words thing). And now that the somewhat detailed interview is over let’s get real!

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“You may NOT be able to control your uncertainty, but you CAN start searching for clarity. I believe when trying to find some order in the aspects of your life, you gain        perspective.”

My Journey began...

…during a period of uncertainty. I made many decisions in my life both personal and professional that left me unsatisfied, confused, and overwhelmed. Even though I was close to finishing my Master’s degree and debating my next steps, I was still stuck in a rut. At that point in time, it’s easy to find yourself slipping into a creatively stifled and depressing place. Being stuck in limbo became my new normal.

I realized I would always imagine or dream about the type of person I wanted to be and the life I wanted to live. I became accustomed to the “I’MA” THEORY. “I’ma eat healthier, I’ma start dressing and wearing my hair how I want, I’ma start making time for myself, I’ma do my own thing for my career, I’ma be more confident” the list goes on and on. But, I wasn’t doing anything about it.

Defining your Life Itinerary could not only motivate you and give you the confidence to go after your dreams, but it could even help aid and lead you to what it is you want to do. I wanted to share and express not only what I’ve discovered through my experiences, but give advice, tips, and tools needed as well as invite others to challenge themselves on a journey we can embark on together.

So, anything under the “I need to get my life together” category!

For me, I needed a balance between professional drive and personal fulfillment. What started out as a daily routine developed into my own personal agenda. I began eating healthier working out and overall just taking better care of myself.

However, as time went on it became more than just a routine. I began to re-evaluate my life on a deeper level. It wasn’t necessarily just asking myself am I wasting my life away? I started to think, “am I taking advantage of my full potential? Am I doing things that I really enjoy? What do I want to do with my life? How can I express myself? Who am I?” I’m learning that’s a never-ending life evaluation; it’s important to constantly search to be better and maintain your happiness. And I believe your Life Itinerary is your strategy to do just that.


 Leave me a comment below with some feedback on the things you want to address in starting your own Life Itinerary.

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